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Karen McCann



Academic and Animator




Jul 2001 – Jun 2005
               Hong Kong, China


City University of Hong Kong

  • Lectured postgraduate students in narrative, film and video making techniques and computer animation.
  • Conducted research on digital media and computer animation.
  • Supervised independent film and animation projects.
  • Advised on curriculum development.
  • Co-organised a Pan-Asia seminar on animation co-productions.
  • Judge for the inaugural New York University’s Tish School of the Arts international student film competition (2003).



Feb 1999–Feb 2001              Canberra, Australia


Australian National University

       (Formerly The Australian Centre for Art &      
  Technology, now the Centre for New Media Arts)
  • Lectured postgraduate students in film-making and computer animation.
  • Supervised Master's thesis projects.
  • UNIX systems administration and website support.
  • Conducted research on virtual reality and automatic generation of plants.




Feb 1995 – Mar1997             Canberra, Australia

Australian National University
  • M.A. in Electronic Arts (MAEA) in Computer Animation.
  • 2-year full time, post-graduate research degree.
  • Sub thesis on 'Non-linear Storytelling'.

Feb 1992–Dec 1994               Canberra, Australia

University of Canberra

  • B.A. in Communications (Media).


Most recent activities


Feb 2005 – Present                  Manchester, UK




Production skills:

  • Supervising and producing new media works.
  • Teaching all aspects of of animation and visual effects creation.
  • Writing for web, printed publications, newspaper copy, and academic papers.
  • Website creation.

Software and technical knowledge:

  • 3D animation: Maya, Houdini, 3D Studio Max.
  • 2D Animation: Flash, Toonboom.
  • 2D video editing and manipulation: Premiere, After Effects.
  • 2D image manipulation: Photoshop, Illustrator, Imageready, Gimp.
  • Multimedia software: Director.
  • Scripting: MEL, Lingo, Python.
  • Website creation: Dreamweaver, Netscape Composer, Nvu.
  • Microsoft Office products.
  • Video and still camera operation.




  • Travel – particularly to Asia. I am at home with heat, humidity, spicy food and local transport.
  • Languages – I have a smattering of French, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese, enough to greet the locals.
  • I am also interested in creative writing and illustration.





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