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Mao illustrations

Karen McCann
Karen was commissioned by documentary film maker Louisa Wei to create animations and collage illustrations for her latest work. 

To see the full sequence of images click on this Mao Illustrations link. 


The images were made with a collage technique in Photoshop. All images are copyrighted by Karen McCann, 2006.  


Mao Illustrations


Modern Gods illustrations

Modern Gods - Karen McCannKaren has been busy working with acclaimed author Damian Flanagan on his latest work Modern Gods


The book is a 'fantasy satire' on the modern world told in the style of ancient mythologies. The commission is to make a series of illustrations referencing the text, but avoiding literal interpretation. These illustrations are a work in progress. 


Modern Gods is due to be published in 2007.


Modern Gods Illustrations


Short stories

For a taste of Karen's short story output use the links below to read two stories, both are 600-words in lenth.


Miss Templeton, 2006.

The Blind Masseurs, 2006.



Some of Karen's photographs from her travels can be viewed by flowing the link above.

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