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The Vampire Captain

Karen McCann
Karen is currently producing an animation called The Vampire Captain. The storyboard features in her book Pre-Animate! The Essential Guidebook for independent Animators and has original characters drawn by the talented animator and illustrator XO Hung. 


Karen, with her links to various animation houses in Asia, is seeking to produce it as an animated feature. 


Here is the story:


Mr Robinson holds a head waiter position, known as a 'captain', in a Chinese restaurant. He died, became a ghost and because of his tuxedo uniform and the fact that he is 'undead' he is convinced he is a vampire! 


Two savvy street kids find it their mission to convince him to face his past and help him find eternal peace. 


The storyboards from the animation have been scanned and set to a soundtrack with dialogue and sound effects.
The resulting animatic will be available on the Pre-animate site soon.


© Karen McCann and XO Hung, 2005.




For more information on the book, including the table of contents see:

The PreAnimate information page


You can also visit the website (external link).



Mao animations

MaoIn 2005 Karen was commissioned by documentary film maker Dr Louisa Wei to create some animations for her latest work. Dr Wei wanted to enliven the documentary and break up the series of interviews she had conducted with a small series of simple films each only 10 seconds or so long. 


Two of the animations are 3D Maya simulations of Mao badges. The rest are 2D collage animations. 

The links below may take around 30 seconds on broadband to download a Quictime movie in a separete window. They have no sound and were intended to illustrate Louisa Wei's documentary.


      Mao badges 1         Mao badges 2

            Mao Tank         Mao Ping Pong

     Mao Speech          Young Mao


Karen was also commissioned to create animations and Mao collage illustrations for a related project.   


To see the full sequence of 'Mao Happy Baby' images click on this Mao Illustrations link.


Photo-manipulation and collage are Karen's current interests in  illustrative technique. Her recent illustrations are on this page: 

Illustrations and More

Early Animation Work

Triune - Karen McCannTriune - Karen McCann

RG - Karen McCannRG - Karen McCann


The images above are from early computer animations made in 1995 and 1997.


Previous work

Showreel - Karen McCann


Pre-1997 Karen worked on low-polygon models and animation for a Virtual Reality (VR) installation as part of the Discovery Centre at Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). The work was done at the Australian National University's Vizlab. See also the EDM studio website. 




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