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Nicola Kan

Nicola Kan

Nicola's comic animation Today's Special (2005) made with Maya software was completed in her final year of a Masters degree at City University of Hong Kong's School of Creative Media.


The chef (pictured on the left) is a failure and his restaurant is set to close. Dejected he looks at the phone, willing it to ring, and it does! He has a customer at last. The only problem is, there's nothing to cook!

Nicola's website,, has a downloadable version of her animation, it is well worth watching.


Winnie Chung

Winnie ChungWinnie concentrated on Maya's paint and light effects in her 2005 animation.


Deep within a mysterious forest the creatures dance and play not knowing that their perfect world is powered by a small baby high in the trees.


Two inquisitive creatures fly up and disturb the little baby with consequences for all their world.


Marco Chong

Marco ChongMarco drew on inspiration from an unusual source, an academic paper showing how monkeys that are neglected when young can develop an agressive and violent personality when they mature.


Marco's animation is set in a dark and depressing world without light or hope. Billy is a young donkey neglected by his father. He leaves home and sleeps on a street. A rubbish cleaner finds him alone on the streets. When she holds out her hand Billy is offered a new beginning, but does he trust her?


Marco Chong's animation was made with 3D Studio Max. He used character tools, cloth animation and particle effects.


Hung Chi Wing

Hing Chi WingAh-Wing's animation, Canned Dispair, was painstakingly drawn frame-by-frame using Flash 2D animation software.


The surreal story follows two creatures in the sea playing happily until they are cruelly caught, cut up, and packaged for anonymous consumption.


The animation won a Silver Award in the animation category at the 10th Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards (2004).


Choi Tang Yik

Choi Tang YikYik's strenghts as a technical director were already on display when he created a complicated Maya character rig for his animation.


The main character has 40 different facial expressions, and automatic muscular reaction when the character's chest expands to breathe.


The animation was accompanied by a full orchestral score by Tong Kam Pang.


Xu Shan Shan

Shan Shan

Shan Shan's animation uses hand drawn elements fed into a library of cycles for use in After Effects software.


It is the story of a phoenix who gains it's freedom. The animation uses textures from a traditional Chinese minority culture.



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